Aeroplanando makes a stopover in iTunes and in many other digital stores!

It doesn’t matter if you passed by Siena and with our music still in your heads, you kicked yourselves on your way home for not having purchased our album.

Whether you live in Honolulu or Canicattì and Choro de Rua hasn’t yet arrived in your city (and you think that there is a good chance that will never happen…), don’t worry and do not stress, no more: finally our latest album Aeroplanando is also available on the major digital stores listed below and on many others! For those who would like to purchase a track, or two, or the entire album, know that from today on you can! Buy it right now at CdBaby!

You will also find Aeroplanando in a lot of online music stores, as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc. Of course we can’t wait for spring to blossom with its warm air to bring again the Choro to the streets, to the people, wherever there may be a need, in Italy or anywhere in the world, and to see again the spark in the eyes of that people who listen carefully to us playing, want to purchase the album directly from us, speak with us to discover who we are, why we are there and understand the mysterious music we bring around the world…

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